Why should the metal skeleton be surface treated?

The metal skeleton of rubber products, whether cast iron, steel or aluminum alloy, must be treated before it is vulcanized with rubber. The reason is as follows.

1 When manufacturing metal skeletons, for the purpose of processing and anti-rust and anti-corrosion, the surface is often accompanied by a large amount of oil substances. These greases play a role in the separation of rubber and metal skeleton, and the rubber and metal skeleton cannot be integrated into one. .

2 Due to air and environmental pollution, the surface of the metal skeleton will produce rust spots, which will be contaminated by dust, dirt and sweat from the operator to form a barrier layer, so that the rubber and the metal skeleton cannot be bonded together.

3 Metals and metal oxides are hydrophilic substances, which are covered with a thin layer of water film in the air, which directly affects the infiltration and coating of the adhesive.

4 The surface of the metal skeleton is very smooth, which is not conducive to the infiltration and diffusion of the adhesive, which directly affects the adhesion of the rubber compound.

Therefore, the surface of the metal skeleton is subjected to necessary and appropriate treatment to remove the surface grease and dirt, and the surface thereof is moderately rough, so as to increase the specific surface area of ​​the metal skeleton and improve the bonding property with the rubber bonding interface.