Flat vulcanization process

The entire pressing process can be divided into the following steps

1 Place the molding die that meets the operation requirements in a flat vulcanizing machine and preheat for 10 to 20 minutes to the vulcanization temperature.

2 Pull the preheated mold from the flat vulcanizing machine (manually operated) or push out (mechanically operated) onto the workbench, open the template, fill the prepared semi-finished rubber into the mold cavity, and then The template is closed (closed) and still placed in the center of the flat vulcanizer.

3 Start the pump, raise the flat plate vulcanizer, lock the mold under high pressure, and vulcanize. Most rubber products factories are equipped with high and low pressure pumping stations. When starting the pump, the low pressure pump valve (commonly known as light pump) is started to raise the plate quickly. Since the low pressure pump pressure is lower than lOMPa, it rises to the upper and lower plates to contact the mold. In the case of the raised semi-finished rubber compound, the speed is naturally slowed down and the raised semi-finished rubber compound in the mold is slowly pressed into the cavity, and in the case of slow low pressure, the upper and lower mold positioning guide pins are aligned, the core Insert the block to make it accurate and correct the mold clamping function, then close the low pressure pump and turn on the high pressure pump (common weighing pump) to lock the mold tightly. The device equipped with the high and low pressure pumping station is beneficial for all the semi-finished rubber materials to be pressed into the various parts of the cavity, and the mold damage can be reduced.

4 Within the specified vulcanization time, the product reaches the positive vulcanization point, that is, the vulcanization time required to achieve the optimum comprehensive performance of the product at the specified pressure and temperature [excluding the heating (preheating) time]. Lower the pump, lower the locking plate, pull the mold out of the tablet or push it out and place it on the workbench.

5 The vulcanized mold is opened or hand-opened by special tools or demoulding mechanism, and then the rubber product is taken as soon as the mold temperature is high, so as to prevent the mold from being cooled and the product is subject to cold shrinkage, which affects the product pick-up and The next mold cure time.

6 After the product is taken out, the semi-finished rubber compound is filled again as soon as possible, and the next molding product is pressed according to the above process.