What is a rubber injection molding method?

The rubber injection machine pre-heats the rubber compound and deposits it into the mold cavity, and then performs the molding vulcanization to obtain the production method of the product parts, which is called injection molding.

The molding method of rubber products is inseparable from the mixing of rubber materials, the pre-fabrication of semi-finished products (or the cutting and segmentation of rubber materials, weighing, etc.), the molding, the heating and vulcanization, the mold opening, the pick-up and the removal of the flash. crafting process. However, the injection molding process is different.

In the production process of injection molding, the injection operation with a very short time (general injection time is 1~5s, injection volume is 50~350mL/s), which replaces the rubber filming and cutting preforming in the molding process. Weighing and loading molds, moving molds to the vulcanization press and other lengthy processes. The production process of the injection molding method can be roughly divided into the following steps: preheating plasticization of the rubber compound, injection, vulcanization, mold extraction, and trimming. The injection molding process is basically the same as plastic. The process flow is shown in the figure

Preheating plasticization of rubber raw materials, injection molding and vulcanization