Main contents of quality inspection of product parts

The main contents of the quality inspection of product parts mainly refer to the shape size inspection, surface quality inspection, memory quality inspection, rubber and insert adhesion reliability test.

The size of the body is measured using vernier calipers, gauges or optical instruments to measure the individual geometries (especially the individual working dimensions) of the finished part. There are many methods of measurement, mainly direct measurement (contact, non-contact) and indirect measurement.

The use of vernier calipers or gauge measurements is a contact measurement. Optical projection measurements using optical instruments are called non-contact measurements. This method is suitable for the measurement of rubber seal parts with high precision requirements. The so-called indirect measurement method strictly controls the vulcanization shrinkage rate of the rubber compound (technical requirements for the formulation and preparation process of the rubber compound). Before designing and manufacturing the mold, the vulcanization shrinkage rate of the rubber compound should be accurately tested, and the dimensional accuracy of the relevant part of the mold cavity should be corrected on the mold design drawing, and it should be strictly guaranteed in the production and processing. In the molding production, the above process is required to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the product parts, and the dimensions that are difficult to measure on the product parts are no longer measured. This is the characteristic of indirect measurement.

Measurement of geometric dimensions, including measuring the height of the flash residue, the depth of the damage damage, and the amount of misalignment at the mold clamping.

The surface quality inspection of product parts is carried out according to the requirements of the design drawings, or as specified in the product standards, such as the number and size of bubbles; the quantity and size of impurities; the number, size and area of ​​concave and convex defects; surface roughness Degree and other content were carried out. Memory quality inspection is the inspection of the physical and mechanical properties of the product. The inspection of the degree of adhesion between the rubber body and the insert of the product part is generally carried out by taking a certain amount in the product part as a sub-sample, and after the inspection of other inspection items of the sub-sample, the section is cut and made. Destructive inspection, directly observe the adhesion of the rubber body and the insert.