Metal skeleton degreasing method used in rubber

The metal skeleton degreasing method includes lye degreasing, solvent degreasing (dipping, washing, steam) and ultrasonic degreasing. The lye degreasing removes the oil on the surface of the metal by infiltration, dispersion, emulsification, and saponification of the oil by the lye. It is also a common method to impregnate or clean metal parts with a solvent … Read moreMetal skeleton degreasing method used in rubber

Metal skeleton surface treatment process

In order to ensure high adhesion between the skeleton and the rubber, the metal surface needs to be thoroughly cleaned to remove oil and rust, and a new surface is produced. Commonly used methods include chemical treatment (acid-base treatment), mechanical grinding or sand blasting, solvent treatment and copper plating. The solvent treatment method is inferior, … Read moreMetal skeleton surface treatment process

Why should the metal skeleton be surface treated?

The metal skeleton of rubber products, whether cast iron, steel or aluminum alloy, must be treated before it is vulcanized with rubber. The reason is as follows. 1 When manufacturing metal skeletons, for the purpose of processing and anti-rust and anti-corrosion, the surface is often accompanied by a large amount of oil substances. These greases … Read moreWhy should the metal skeleton be surface treated?